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Back Up Your Data Securely! Medical Industry, Financial Industry, Business Office, Home, Student, University, Retailer.. We Have Your Solution!
Your Data Center
Secure Online Backup

Available 8am to 10pm weekdays
and 9am to 10pm on weekends

The very second you take a backup copy of your data off site you are in direct violation of PCI DSS and HIPAA regulations! These tapes, flash drives and disks are unencrypted and insecure! You are 100% liable for data loss! Not a pretty picture is it?

So how do you protect your data from loss and remain both PCI DSS and HIPAA complaint? Encryption, multiple versions of files and audit trails are all essential. Backup tapes are NOT an option here! Read on to find out more..
If you run a medical practice you are required to meet HIPAA regulations. This in itself can be a nightmare. Your data must be secure and available only under certain conditions. Your data must be backed up for insurance purposes as well. The list goes on and on.

Now, you also take credit cards and checks from your patients and you use a virtual terminal program which stores data on your hard drives. This now requires you to be PCI DSS compliant as well! How did that happen! What do you do now?

So many businesses have no idea what their liabilities are in the event of data theft. The fact of the matter is that if you follow the practices outlined by HIPAA and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard you are not liable for data theft. Data compliance is totally impossible to achieve if you take any of this data out of your office, even if that is to bring it to another secure location. You cannot do this yourself! You have to hire a bonded courier to transfer the tapes, disks or flash drives.

Your legacy backup solution most likely involves making a daily copy of all data onto a tape, flash drive or disk. None of these are encrypted so PCI DSS says you should not even copy the data, let alone take this data offsite. But you need a backup!

The minute this tape, disk or flash drive is taken offsite you have broken PCI DSS compliance. In other words, you need another solution now. You need a secure online backup solution!

A Secure Online Backup Service will make your business completely PCI DSS compliant. Your nightly backups are transmitted securely using strong encryption, and will be held offsite in a secure data center in encrypted form.

At no time can anyone access your raw and unprotected data. In the event a file restore is required you can use a simple interface to highlight the files that have been lost. The files are then transmitted back to your network, completely encrypted. They are then automatically restored to their original state and location, or to another location if you desire. It just can't get any easier!

Only when the backup data is within your firewalled network will the data be encrypted or deciphered. No outside entity will have your encryption keys. You are now compliant!

Want to get started right away? Call us! We can provide everything you will need to become compliant in an instant! Data can be copied from servers, individual workstations and more, without you having to worry about it. Everything is done automatically.

We can back up your program data, encrypt it using a key you create and keep and send it off site for you over the Internet. Not sure how to do this yourself? We'll set it up for you! On site and remote assistance is available until 10 pm weekdays.

We back up SQL data, Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and more. We can back up all Windows systems, LINUX systems and even Novell systems. We also do file versioning so you can restore an older version of a file that may have been damaged or altered. Let's say you even deleted it! Not a problem. You can recover it immediately using our service.

Another great option we have is to back up your data to another machine on your network too! You can choose what gets backed up where and how. This is the most comprehensive solution available on the market today.

Are we expensive? No! Our rates are not per solution, or per workstation. They are per Gigabyte stored outside of your network! There are very few online backup solutions that offer all of this, let alone offer this at the same price. We do it every day!

Give Your Data Center Incorporated a chance to earn your trust and your business. We can even give you a free trial of our software and backup solutions.

Call us now at (800)651-YDCI to get started!

Do you want to purchase online backup solutions now?
Click HERE to purchase HIPAA/PCI-DSS compliant online backup in our store.

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